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All the BISH teaching resources in one download. Saving you money and hassle.

LOVE innit a teaching pack about relationships

LOVE, INNIT - A Teaching Pack About Relationships

Encouraging people to be critical about the messages they receive about love and relationships. It also gives us the opportunity to think about which messages about relationships we teach young people.

Planet Porn

Comprehensive selection of fun, participatory and evidence based activities and resources to help people to be critical about sex on Planet Porn but also on Planet Earth. Note, this resource is a download.

Safer Sex Aces

A 'Top Trumps' style game and teaching pack about safer sex. This is for you to download and print your own.

condom teaching pack

Condom Teaching Pack

A video, slides, handouts and lesson plans for teaching about how to use condoms.

booze and sex download pack

Booze and Sex Pack

A poster, image and handout pack to teach about the effects of alcohol on sex and relationships.

BISH leaflets

Bish Leaflets

Print your own leaflets about sex and relationships. Perfect as handouts in the classroom or as information leaflets in sexual health services.


Product Description

Included in this download:

Love, Innit

Planet Porn

Safer Sex Aces

Condom Teaching Pack

Booze and Sex poster and handout pack

Bish Leaflets download

Additional Information

LOVE, INNIT - A Teaching Pack About Relationships

Who is is for?

Youth workers, teachers, sex educators, learning mentors, enrichment staff, therapists, counsellors, health advisers, outreach workers …

They can be used at the coffee bar of a youth club (if you still have either), in an enrichment room as a walk past activity or informal group discussion. I’ve also used them a lot in my many years working with young people in clinics – to get them to think about their relationships, how healthy they are, what they want from them and how they feel about themselves.

These activities are more about values, emotions and skills rather than information and I think this is as it should be. They’re also about giving people the opportunity to talk to each other about what is important to them about themselves and their relationships. So this pack is not about young people passively learning from a sex educator but from each other.

What's in the pack

8 activities, all with clear aims, learning outcomes, method, discussion points and alternative ideas. These are just 3 of them…

– Talk For A Minute

For people to talk and to listen to each other about their relationships values. Participants choose from 24 different statements (see example below) and talk for a minute about what they think.

– Relationships Fortunes

“We asked 100 people: what’s the most important quality in a partner?”

Just like TV’s Family Fortunes but all about relationships. This fun game is really easy to play but can start some really interesting discussions.

– Healthy Relationships

Using the Bish ‘Relationships Graph’ participants get to think about what makes for a healthy relationship, what an unhealthy relationship might look like and what is important in any relationship.

In addition the pack contains the relationships leaflets from the Bish Leaflet Download pack for you to print out and use as handouts.

Planet Porn

Who is it for?

A unique pack of resources for sex educators, teachers, parents, youth workers or anyone wanting to talk about porn.

What's in the pack?

The pack contains a number of activities and resources which all come in a pdf and a powerpoint document: so you have the choice to print the resources out or use them as slides to teach with and to move the images around to suit.

Planet Porn Game

A straight forward card discussion game. Take it in turns to decide whether the statement belongs on ‘Planet Earth’ (real life sex) or ‘Planet Porn’ (porn sex) (or somewhere in between the two – which is most likely). Now with 42 cards! Each card has new and improved explanatory notes to aid discussion and learning. Also now easier to print.

Is It Legal, Is It Right?

This activity provides a brief factual analysis of current UK law around porn. It also presents various scenarios relating to porn which may be relevant to many young people, raising various ethical issues around sex tapes, watching porn under age and privacy.

NEW! Sexting Posters, Images and Handouts

Exclusive posters and handouts for you to use in conjunction with the other activities in the pack. Like the Bish Leaflets you can print your own as many times as you like. All the information that young people need to stay safe and make informed decisions (without scary moral panics).

Porn Challenge

This activity challenges people to think of ways to present sexy scenes and images which are safe, consensual, promote equality and diversity and don’t make assumptions about who may be watching porn.

Dear Doctor Love

A problem page activity which explores relationship issues like trust, intimacy, boundaries, safety, jealousy, independence, self-esteem and communication through the medium of problems that a partner of a pornstar or glamour model might face.

NEW! Where Do People See Sexual Images

An activity exploring what we mean by ‘sexual images’, where people see them and what they might see. Great for opening up the conversation and for introducing Planet Porn.

NEW! Summary of the Evidence for Young People and Porn

Summary of the most authoritative reviews and research into exactly how many young people look at porn, what the effects might be and what they do with it.