safer sex aces

Safer Sex Aces


A ‘Top Trumps’ style game and teaching pack about safer sex and contraception.


Product Description

Safer Sex Aces is a card game which is like Top Trumps. Top Trumps (available to purchase at your local toy shop/stationers) usually involves Harry Potter characters, footballers or fast cars – Safer Sex Aces involves contraceptive and safer sex methods.

Each card is either a barrier method, a hormonal method, a behavioural method, a ‘not recommended for teens’ method – the pack also features bad methods (or myth cards). Each card competes against the other cards in various categories (availability, ease of use, pregnancy protection, years in use and STI protection) with the winning card taking all the other cards in play. Full instructions are included. (When I play it there are normally a few Top Trumps fans in the room so they can teach everyone else).

This is a download, print, chop game so you’ll need to print the cards (on 4 sheets of A4) onto thick card and then cut them with a paper trimmer (there are trimming guidelines to make this really easy). It takes me about 10 minutes to whip up a set, you can print off more than one set at a time – which makes this a great value resource!