Training Courses

One of the best training days I’ve attended and found the whole day really useful.

As the name of the website implies, the main thing I do are training courses. For over 13 years I’ve been running training courses up and down the country and even outside of the UK. I’ve had the pleasure of facilitating courses with hundreds of passionate, committed and thoughtful practitioners from a broad range of professions.

All the courses I deliver are participatory and interactive. I rarely use powerpoint and the most I talk is when I’m introducing the course before facilitating a group agreement. The activities put the participants first rather than being an opportunity for me to demonstrate just how much I know about sex and relationships.

My expertise is in facilitation and the years of practice I’ve had in creating interesting and challenging workshop materials. We do a lot of small and large discussion work, drawing, card sorts, auctions, *some* role play, handshakes, spectrums, scenarios, self reflection activities, graphs, discussion games, pastiches of game shows.

Participants feel they can safely explore their values and reflect on their own thoughts and experiences. I try to avoid telling people what to think, instead I try to model really great SRE by gently encouraging critical thinking.

The simple but thought out process of breaking down thought processes around each topic in a way that challenges what we all think we know and how we deliver the messages

On completion of each course all the participants get an email from me with a reminder of what we covered and a free download link to the resources (such as Planet Porn or Love, Innit) so they can get cracking. They can also ask me questions or advice about the course or their future practice. This is all part of the service and folk like this personal touch.

Thought the training was brilliant.*

In addition to the off the shelf courses below I can also deliver courses around most aspects of sex and relationships, sexualities, genders, self care. If I feel someone else would deliver a better course I can refer you to someone else I know and trust.

All my courses are for up to 16 participants and cost £1200 per day (plus travel and accommodation costs). (*quotes from one recent training course)

For more information about the specific courses I run click below

Consent, Pleasure and Communication

Alcohol and Sex

Work With Young People Around Relationships

Working With Young People Around Porn

Introduction to Sex and Relationships Education

You’re Welcome: Working With Young People in Sexual Health Services

Working With Young Men in Sexual Health Settings

Sex and Relationships Education for Young Men

Condom Training

London Training Events

I don’t host my own training courses at the moment (it’s just me here) but Epic CiC in west London are hosting the following events (in west London) for which there will be a limited number of spare places. Each place is £120, to book your place click here.

Consent, Communication and Pleasure, 20th June 2016

Working With Young Men Around SRE 27th September 2016

Working With Young People Around Relationships 1st November 2016

Sexualities 28th November 2016