I offer confidential one-to-one coaching sessions to the general (adult) public.

You can chat with me about sex and relationships and get some education and practical ideas. Tap into my decades of experience in doing sex and relationships advice. I’m also now trained in Solution Focused Coaching. So we can also take a step back and address your life generally. Maybe you want to be a bit more confident, a bit happier, or encouraged.

What I offer

  • Informative and educational sessions.
  • Solution Focused coaching.
  • A gentle and matter of fact manner when talking about sex.
  • A sympathetic ear.
  • Practical, creative and useful ideas.
  • A collaborative and consensual approach.

How it works

I’ve been trialling this for a couple of years. You may only want to see me for a handful of sessions over the course of a few weeks. Sometimes just one session of Solution Focused Coaching is enough. Once you’ve seen me you can choose whether to book another session or not by email – totally up to you #consent.

Mostly my clients have wanted to chat on video calls, but we can also meet in central London if you would prefer a walk and talk or a chat. Everything you talk about would be kept confidential.

My fees are £75 per session if you earn over £50k. Otherwise it’s £45 per session. I can also offer a small number of low cost slots per month if you are on a low income. Remember, I’m not hooking you in for loads of sessions. Typically people see for between one and four sessions.


I’ve been giving sex and relationships advice to young people in person and online since 1999. I’ve given in depth, confidential one-on-one advice to nearly 2000 young people (under 24s) helping them to:

  • Have more enjoyable sex.
  • Understand and befriend their bodies.
  • Cope with sexual problems and giving practical strategies for overcoming them.
  • Critique sex as a way of overcoming ‘sexual problems’.
  • Practice safer sex with practical strategies for making this more pleasurable.
  • Understand consent and communication and power and how to practice it.
  • Explore different sexual and romantic relationship models and how to manage them.
  • Deal with expectations placed on us around gender – particularly learning how to do gentle and caring masculinities.
  • Understand their values and what they might want from sex and relationships.

You can also see the kind of friendly and thoughtful advice I have given to young-ish people at Bish which has been read and valued by many thousands of people. You can also get a flavour of the work I do for adults at my podcast Culture Sex Relationships, which is also the home of the Meg-John and Justin archive. I also worked with Meg-John Barker, with the release of Enjoy Sex (How, When and If You Want To) and our very popular ‘User Guide’ zines at our website.

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Justin Hancock has been a trained sex and relationships educator since 1999. In that time he’s taught and given advice about sex and relationships with thousands of young people and adults in person and millions online at his website for young people BISH. He’s a member of the World Association for Sexual Health. Find out more about Justin here and stay up to day by signing up for the newsletter.