Alcohol and Sex Training

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Many young people’s early sexual experiences occur at the same time as early experiences with alcohol (or other drugs). Sex and alcohol is also a reality for many adults and most people who have sex under the influence do not have bad experiences. People use drugs or alcohol to relax, to ease inhibitions, to feel sexy and to feel more confident.

However for some, sex under the influence can have a deleterious effect which can result in sexual activity which is not pleasurable, not safe or, in some cases, not wanted.

The aims and objectives of this course are:

  • To recognise that sex under the influence is a reality for many people in the UK.
  • To understand and explore the reasons why people use drugs and alcohol when they have sex.
  • To understand that drugs and alcohol can lead to unsafe, less pleasurable, less wanted and unwise sex.
  • Explore practical strategies with unique resources to use with young people to increase their autonomy over their sexual bodies and how they might feel less inhibited through other ways.
  • Empower young people with information and skills about how consent works under the law and how to ensure safe and pleasurable sex when under the influence.

The course combines exploring values and attitudes with practical take-away activities to use with young people in a variety of settings.

For information for young people about sex and alcohol click here

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