Sex & Relationships Education

Training, teaching & resources for practitioners

I’m Justin Hancock. A qualified and experienced sex & relationships educator.

  • Sex and relationships education trainer

    Delivering courses for practitioners since 2003

  • Work with young people and adults

    Facilitated SRE workshops for over 15 years

  • Advice and information

    Trusted source of advice about sex and relationships

  • Respected voice on sex and relationships

    For over 14s at, in the media and academia

I created and maintain a comprehensive and well respected sex and relationships education site for everyone over 14.

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Training Courses for Practitioners

My courses give participants the opportunity to reflect on their values and attitudes as well as learning skills and information. They can be delivered whenever and wherever suits you (across the UK and Europe) and are for up to 16 participants.

They can be delivered whenever and wherever suits you (across the UK and Europe) and are for up to 16 participants. For over 13 years I've been running training courses (I was trained by Carol Painter in 2003). I've had the pleasure of facilitating courses with hundreds of passionate, committed and thoughtful practitioners from a broad range of professions. My latest course is for teachers to deliver DO...SRE for Schools resources. I also now offer a coaching service for SRE practitioners who don't want to come on a training course but would like some more advanced level support with their work and ideas for training and delivery.

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I’ve taught a broad variety of SRE topics in state and independent schools as well as being very at home in a youth club setting. I support schools to deliver comprehensive SRE for themselves, through the DO... programme. I complement this with specialist one off lessons, drop-ins and talks. I use activities which are interactive and participatory, with a focus on skills and values as well as the acquisition of knowledge.

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Project Work

In addition to teaching and training I also work on projects as a consultant. Ideal for organisations who want a specialist for a finite period of time. My consultancy rate starts at £500 per day. Discounts are available for longer term projects or if your budget is tight.
Condom Man and the Advisors
A web based and social networking peer education project with the talented young people of the Hillingdon Youth Council.
I trained really enthusiastic and imaginative young people in sex and relationships and worked with them around how to develop a peer education project. They decided on writing, starring in and directing ‘viral’ videos (which I learnt to edit) with an amusing array of characters and situations.
Mind Ed
I wrote a module on young people and sexuality for this unique and important project from a consortium of organisations in working in psychology, mental health and children and young people.
MindEd is a free educational resource on children and young people’s mental health for all adults.
DO … SRE for schools
Currently I’m heavily involved in the DO … project. This is a campaign to make great sex and relationships education happen in schools.
I’ve written the teaching resources alongside Alice Hoyle and with support and advice from Meg John Barker. We’ve tried to create resources that capture the fundamental principles of great SRE.

Blog/Latest News

I've written "Can We Talk About Consent - A Book About freedom, choices, and agreement." It's about how to choose your perfect pizza, what to watch on TV, who plays in goal, politics, rights, and yeah also a bit about sex. The illustrations are beautiful and hilarious.

Out in January but please.....