Consent Zine, Worksheets, Posters for University


A consent zine, worksheets and poster for you to download print out and give to university students who may need them.

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This isn’t really a teaching resource as such but more a resource for you to print out and make available. So you could use it for one-to-one work, or you could have some on a stall, you could leave some lying around in communal areas in halls, you could even make a display I guess.

I just wanted to create some resources for you to use to get the message across about what good consensual behaviour looks like but also to give people tools for working out how to do consent better. It draws a lot on what I’ve written at BISH but by offering them in these nice printed formats they might be picked up by new people. If you are looking for a teaching pack, for if you want to run workshops about consent then you might like my Consent Teaching Pack, which has loads of ideas for different activities you could run.

It contains:

How to Have Consensual Sex Zine

University will be the first time that many people will be having, or interested in having, sex and relationships. So this is a practical and hopefully useful guide which is pitched at the older teen/early twenty something (and I’d appreciate it if it was not used with a younger audience than this). As you can see it’s not just telling people what consent is but also how to get it, what makes consent harder, and ideas for how to have more enjoyable sex. There’s also a space where you can put the details of where people can report non-consensual sex, or non-consensual behaviours generally, or just get support.

Consent Zine Preview Bish Training

Consent Worksheets

These are taken from the Bish Activity Book and are some of the worksheets which can help people to figure out for themselves some of the key questions about consent. Such as: what kind of sex they may like; where they do or don’t like to be touched; and, how to make sure that first time sex with someone will go okay.

How to Ask Someone Out Consensually

This is a poster taken from one of my more popular posts at BISH. It is an antidote to pick up artistry and tries to give people realistic and honest advice about how to chat to someone they don’t know in real life. You might want to put this up in venue toilets (of all genders) or at whatever social event you might be having.

How to ask someone out consensually