Big Bish Download


All the BISH teaching resources in one download. Saving you money and hassle. Remember, this is a download, so you won’t be receiving anything in the post. Also note, this is a big file so it may take a while to download.



Included in this Big Bish Download are all the resources from Bish that are suitable for over 14s.

Talking Sex Ed

A (mostly) self-facilitating card game to get the conversation going about relationships and sex education.

The Consent Teaching Pack

A series of participatory activities to help young people to explore how to negotiate consent as well as understanding it.

Bish Leaflets download 

A series of leaflets for you to download and print. The best of BISH in 24 attractively designed and easy to print leaflets.

Bish Activity Book

An innovative set of worksheets plus old school activity books to help students to work out how they feel about themselves, relationships and sex

Love, Innit

A teaching resource pack about relationships. Encouraging people to be critical about the messages they receive about love and relationships. It also gives us the opportunity to think about which messages about relationships we teach young people.

Planet Porn

As well as talking about porn this resource enables conversations around self-esteem, body image, boundaries, pleasure, consent, communication, safer sex, sexual safety, the law, emotions, relationships, gender and sexual diversity and oppression.

Safer Sex Aces

A ‘Top Trumps’ style game and teaching pack about safer sex. This is for you to download and print your own.

Condom Teaching Pack

A video, slides, handouts and lesson plans for teaching about how to use condoms.

Booze and Sex Poster and Handout Pack

A poster, image and handout pack to teach about the effects of alcohol on sex and relationships.

Genitals Leaflet and Poster Pack

A unique and inclusive way to show the huge diversity of genitals. These beautiful pictures by Stuart F. Taylor are detailed enough yet beautifully rendered so that they are not too confronting.

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