Condom Teaching Pack


A video, slides, handouts and lesson plans for teaching about how to use condoms.



Everything you need to teach a lesson about using condoms (apart from the actual condoms and some plastic penises or cucumbers). A video, slides, handout and a great lesson plan all available to download to your computer for when you need it.

This pack contains:


A video from me doing a condom demonstration. As with all things Bish it is amusing, cheeky, yet thoroughly informative.


Slides which you can simply open in your image viewer as a slide-show so that you can illustrate your talks about using condoms. Also gives information on emergency contraception and where to go for free and confidential sexual health services.

Condom Handout

A printer and photocopier friendly condom handout so that students can have the instructions in front of them.

Condom Workshop Lesson Plan

A comprehensive 5 page lesson plan on how to teach about condom use. Also with additional ideas on how to make re-enforce the learning with some fun activities (including the very popular Condom Challenge).

This pack is great for teachers new to teaching about condoms or for old hands who would like to make their lessons sparkle even more.

All this is backed up by the website the free and award winning sex and relationships education website .