The Consent Teaching Pack


The Consent Teaching Pack is a download and print resource. Packed with activities which help participants to explore their values and learn vital communication and skills. There are unique activities for people to experience consent as well as learn what it is.

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A comprehensive teaching pack about Consent, from the author of Can We Talk About Consent

Like all my resources, this Consent Teaching Pack is a download and print your own pack. You’ll receive a download link when you place your order (you might need to check your spam folder for this email).

I’ve been developing some these consent activities for years and have delivered these resources with young people, adults, and professionals. My feedback from all of these folks is that the activities have enabled them to explore consent in much greater depth than many other teaching or workshop activities.

My lofty ambitions for this consent teaching pack are: for people to start to see consent as affecting all of us; that it is not just to do with sex; and how we can use our power to bring consent into all of our relationships, interactions, and cultures.

Don’t be put off by this though! I hope that you will find the activities easy and fun to use. These resources are designed to be used with ‘14s to adult’ audiences (though some are adaptable to a younger age group). There is increasing interest in consent workshops for all ages in schools, colleges, universities, workplaces, conferences and other events. There is plenty here for you to find the right activity and the right tone for your lesson plan and workshop.


This pack contains the following activities:

Choose Chocolate 

It’s not easy to meet our own needs whilst also meeting the needs of other people. It’s very hard to do this around anything, so this activity helps your workshop participants to do this by choosing and eating chocolate (chocolate not included).

Choose chocolate consent activity

Self Care 

It can be difficult to feel what it is we might need when we are also trying to meet the needs of another person. Following on from the chocolate activity this self care activity helps folk to think about how they can tune into their own needs more often.

Talk for a Minute

In my experience many people are tired of being taught about consent and sex in over-simplistic terms and not be given the opportunity to talk about it. So this activity is to encourage people to think about their values and attitudes and to hear those of other people too. Over 30 challenging discussion cards, each with facilitator prompts.

Consent teaching pack talk for a minute preview


An experiential learning tool to help people understand what it feels like to communicate your needs and to meet the needs of another, whilst also learning about the societal messages which make this more difficult. This has proved to be a very popular activity on here, but I’ve included an updated version with comprehensive slides to help pull the learning together.

Body Maps

To think about where people might and might not want to be touched (and how to find out). We receive messages from sex advice and sex education that there are parts of the body where everyone likes to be touched — this activity explores why this is not true and also not helpful when it comes to consensual sex.

Body maps consent activities

Body Reactions

This activity explores how bodies might react when they are enjoying or not enjoying something.

How to Listen

Thinking about how we can pay attention to how people react to make sure that sex (or any other activity we do with another person) is consensual.

How to listen. One of the consent activities from the consent teaching pack

What is Sex?

Explore the many different ways of having sex with someone with a view to learning about safer sex, consent and sexual scripts. The messages we receive about what counts as sex often boil down to sex being just about penetration. This is a problematic idea because it excludes a lot of people (who can’t have or don’t enjoy that kind of sex) but it also puts pressure on people to have a particular kind of sex. This activity helps participants to think of a range of sexual activities which people may enjoy. This opens up the idea of having sex that we might actually want, rather than having sex which we feel we should have.

Who is Allowed to Have Sex?

Finding out who gets status for having sex and who gets stigma. This is a critically important part of learning about consent.

Who is allowed to have sex? Consent activity from the consent teaching pack

Power and Sex 

How stigma and status can lead to a difference in power between people when it comes to sex and relationships.

Create a Consensual Sex Scene

To think about how consent might look on-screen if they paid attention to consent.

How to create a consensual sex scene - from the Bish Training Consent Teaching Pack

Also included is a simple explanation of the law and consent in a slideshow.

Consent and the law slides from the Consent Teaching Pack

Teaching RSE in Schools

If you are a teacher in a school and you are getting started delivering Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) I would strongly recommend you head to DO… RSE for Schools. There you will find everything you need to get started delivering really high quality RSE in schools. It has lesson plans written by me and Alice Hoyle. It’s about how we feel about ourselves, gender expectations, relationships, consent (featuring a version of the handshakes activity in this pack), and safer sex. These resources are all free and available now.


Going Beyond Consent

I think that consent is by far and away the most important topic in sex and relationships education and in sex advice. However, it isn’t the only topic. If you would like some more teaching resources might I recommend my ‘Love, Innit’ teaching pack about relationships.

You might also find my Bish Activity Book helpful. This is a book featuring over 40 worksheets and activity ideas for RSE and one-to-one work with young people. I’ve included a few of the relevant pages from that resource here.


Train Yourself in RSE Self reflexive and self guided training in relationships and sex education. Blogs, audio, and monthly zoom meetings. Out now at the BISH Patreon on the £10 a month tier. Or get in touch if you can’t sign up to Patreon and I’ll sell you a yearly subscription.


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