Booze and Sex Pack


A poster, image and handout pack to teach about the effects of alcohol on sex and relationships.



The report ‘Alcohol and sex: a cocktail for poor sexual health’ from RCP and BASHH point out the correlative evidence for young people, alcohol use and sexual health.

“Young people are a key risk group: 16–24-year-olds are among the highest consumers of alcohol, in terms of both prevalence and unit consumption, and have the highest rate of sexually transmitted infections.”

They recommend that “Sexual health services should provide information that highlights the link between alcohol consumption and poor sexual health outcomes.”

This unique pack gives practitioners the opportunity to do just this. This download offers a simple and straight forward way to produce your own posters, handouts and worksheets for young people – as students or patients.

The pack contains:

Display/Poster Images

This set of 6 A4 images can be printed out and stuck up together to create a large poster. Or they can be placed on a noticeboard with other posters about local services and sensible drinking.

Also included in this pack are printer friendly versions of these posters with a white background.


This pack also contains a unique A4 handout and unique tool for young people to think carefully about their own booze & sex behaviour. This covers safer drinking advice but also gives young people the opportunity to think about their own self-esteem and where their sexual boundaries might be. These resources are unique and are not available anywhere else.

Purchasing this pack gives the purchaser a licence to produce a reasonable number of poster and handouts at a time.

As with all Bish products these resources are supported by the award winning free sex and relationships education website

This download costs just £4.