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“It’s hilarious and brilliant” “The kids love it” Talking Sex Ed is a (mostly) self-facilitating discussion game for young people (over 14) to talk to each other about sex and relationships. Over 100 challenging and fun cards for young people to learn key skills, information, and concepts whilst also reflecting on their values and ethics. Perfect for youth groups and tutor time. This is a download and print your own resource. Just £7.50.


Talking Sex Ed is a discussion game for young people (14+) about sex and relationships. Over 100 challenging and fun cards for young people (and adults). A game to learn and practise key skills and vital information whilst also exploring key concepts and reflecting on their values and ethics. It’s a (mostly) self-facilitating game, with comprehensive instructions for players on how to use a group agreement to create the right vibe. Players also cooperate and negotiate with each other about how to play and how to score. Perfect for youth projects and tutor groups and a great way to get the conversation going.

“It’s bloody brilliant.”

About this resource

This is absolutely not meant to replace comprehensive sexuality education. However, this can be a complementary resource and it might also help conversations between you and the young people about what they might want from sex education.

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Good quality sex and relationships education should encompass 4 different aspects. Good quality information; acquisition of skills; the opportunity to reflect on their values and ethics, and; to engage with how sex and relationships might affect people emotionally.

In addition to that, with this game participants will actually experience some really important concepts. By being given the responsibility to discuss the group agreement and facilitate each other they will experience what it feels like to have boundaries in place and the kinds of work that needs to happen. By cooperating in the scoring system and in agreeing ‘what the right answer is’ they are also co-creating the experience for themselves.

Of course, creating a safe enough space for co-creation are key factors in consensual sex and relationships. Here’s an opportunity for them to experience this in sex and relationships education.

Here’s an article on how I’ve used the resource recently.

Talking Sex Ed preview

Using Talking Sex Ed

I’ve been developing this game for a few years. I was doing small group work with young people and needed a resource to help get the conversation going. If you’re in a youth group, it’s the kind of thing that you could lay out on a coffee table. You could use it in tutor time to fill a few minutes, or use it over the course of a few lessons to build up a conversation about what sex education the young people actually want.

“They engaged really well with it”

As it’s a self-facilitating game your role is really just to help organise the groups. To provide a gentle overview to make sure everyone is cooperating, and to just to round off the lesson at the end. So what I do is to just make myself available to groups in case they have any issues and to keep an eye on how things seem to be going. If they ask you to take part in their game, feel free, but mostly your role is just to float around and make sure the vibe is good. Pay attention mostly to the group agreements as they are playing out in the room. You can read more about how I use the resource in this article.

If you do want to have a closing round at the end with the whole class / group then try to just draw out what they got out of the game itself. Ask them if they felt able to cooperate, where they able to stick to the group agreements, did they feel like they could take part? If you focus in on the process in this way you can draw out some really important learning about how we can practice things like consent, boundaries, and cooperation. You could also reflect on hierarchies and how it felt for them to be trying to work together on their own learning, rather than relying on you to be ‘the expert.’

Talking Sex Ed preview

What you get in Talking Sex Ed

This is a download and print your own resource, so you should receive an immediate download link. Inside are the pdfs for you to download and print out. You will need access to a printer. Scissors / guillotine (there are guidelines on the page to help you cut the cards up). There’s also an image file so that you can see all of the discussion cards on a screen, such as a tablet or phone. Perfect for if you want to play it first with friends, family or colleagues.

“We’ve had a proper laugh with it in the office as practice …”

Talking Sex Ed

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