I’ve been a highly respected relationships and sex educator for 20 years and I’m available to deliver some of your RSE teaching this year. 

“Justin is a very sensitive educator who always ensures that his sessions are relevant to the pupils’ needs” PSHE lead

I’ve delivered hundreds of RSE teaching sessions in a diverse range of settings over the last 23 years as a relationships and sex educator. I’ve got lots of experience teaching in the state and independent sector as well as being very at home in a youth club setting (my background is in youth work).

RSE teaching from Justin Hancock

I’m a specialist in working with young people over 14, particularly those who are (or thinking about) having sex. In particular I have a lot of experience working with sixth forms, answering their anonymous questions about relationships, sex, gender and sexuality.

“Some very well received and thought provoking talks to the Upper School on gender and relationships.” Head of 6th form

I’ve also delivered lessons on condoms, safer sex, sexual readiness, porn, sexting, consent, healthy and unhealthy relationships, how we feel about ourselves, genders and sexualities, and sexual bullying. Each of these would need at least one lesson each (sometimes I get asked to deliver all of these).

You might want to consider getting me in to facilitate a session about how we can make talking about sex and relationships easier. Participants get to participate in their own RSE but also, crucially, get to practice and learn how to co-create consensual practices and environments. Here’s an article I wrote about how I deliver these kinds of workshops.

What students say about me

Young people really value the sessions. Here’s some typical feedback.

“You created an atmosphere where people felt they could ask anything – thank you”

“please use Justin again. His teaching style was engaging and the information was presented in a comfortable way.”

“I enjoyed Justin’s method of teaching us about sex and relationships. Though this technically wasn’t a direct teaching session, the activities he put together made sure everyone contributed and was involved. He discussed the topic in a very comfortable and relaxed manner which is very important too.”

“I think Justin was a good choice! It was not an awkward session and he was very clear about boundaries between student’s and teachers. It was useful to learn about the “societal script” for sex and how it results in violence and discomfort. Also it was good to learn about how to ensure healthy/open communication and how important it is in all types of relationship.”

“we all learned something and we didn’t learn about all the generic stuff which all of us already knew but more details and anatomy based stuff. The questions round which was where we all asked questions for Justin to answer anonymously was also a great idea. I would love to see Justin back as he is a great teacher”

“He really helped me. I have been struggling with a certain relationship dilemma and i talked to him about it. He helped me get a more clear answer and was there for me as a guide. He made sure all the activities we did were enjoyable and consensual”

“I believe that it was incredibly helpful, interactive, and generally fun. I also believe the Justin was a very good teacher and that he should be used again in the pastoral programme.”

As you would expect I have an enhanced up to date DBS certificate available for you to check.

Workshops not lectures

I’ve always been extremely reticent to give lectures. When it comes to RSE, auditorium style lectures, with no room for interaction, are not very effective. Students need to be able to learn skills, to talk to each other, critique culture, work on their values, and experience talking about sex and relationships in a safe environment. My new mantra is ‘resources, not discourses.’

Additionally, in solidarity with the Everyone’s Invited campaign, I’m only going to rarely offer a lecture style, session under limited circumstances. If you’ve been delivering a lot of teacher led RSE in workshops and need someone to answer specific questions, I can do that as a lecture. However, if you just want me to cover, for example, consent, or gender in a lecture, it’s probably a no. Do get in touch about this if you have any questions.


In person teaching

I charge by the half day or full day.

  • £285/£500 local authority schools
  • £300/£550 academy schools
  • £350/£600 fee paying schools

This is all inclusive in the London area – there may be additional costs for travel or accommodation elsewhere in the country (I’m happy to travel though, so do get in touch).

[If you’re a youth project, or a school with a small budget, do get in touch if these fees are too high and I’ll try and accommodate you. Particularly if you are really committed to the subject but just can’t get funding.]

Virtual teaching

You can now book me for virtual RSE Q&A sessions. Running workshops or interactive lectures really doesn’t seem to work very well remotely, but I can offer ‘Ask Bish’ sessions where I answer your students’ questions. Because I don’t have to get to and from your school, I can charge by the hour.

  • £80 per hour for local authority schools
  • £90 academy schools
  • £100 fee paying schools

I can offer discounts if you book me for more than one session.

If you wish to make a booking or have any questions about the content or fee please get in touch via the contact form. Or email me at justin at bishtraining dot com (replacing the at and dot with symbols).

© Justin Hancock, 2023

Justin Hancock has been a trained sex and relationships educator since 1999. In that time he’s taught and given advice about sex and relationships with thousands of young people and adults in person and millions online at his website for young people BISH. He’s a member of the World Association for Sexual Health. Find out more about Justin here and stay up to day by signing up for the newsletter.