Relationships Training Course

A relationships training course for teachers, youth workers, or anyone working with young people around relationships and sex education. This interactive and participatory course gives you the skills and techniques to run great relationships workshops.

“We don’t ever learn any stuff about relationships.”

Young people often say that they would like their SRE curriculum to include more work around relationships. We all learn about relationships from each other and from our own relationships. However young people want and need guidance in the classroom to help with the basics. Such as who they like and how to find them, what trust means, how to communicate effectively, what is important to them in a partner, how to negotiate relationships and friendships and how to deal with heartbreak.

This training course is a unique opportunity to learn about how to work with young people so that they can understand and can choose to have healthy, safe, respectful, trusting and loving relationships with each other. It also gives practitioners the tools to help young people see how healthy their relationships are, whether they are in an exploitative, abusive relationship or a relationship that is not good for their self-esteem.

This course gives participants the opportunity to explore important themes in sexual/romantic relationships for young people. It combines work on our own relationships values and attitudes with practical strategies to make us more confident in helping young people to navigate their way through their first sexual relationships and to exit unhealthy ones.

By the end of the course participants will:

  • Explore their own values around relationships
  • Work through relationships messages to explore what makes a healthy and safe relationship
  • Practice and take away practical strategies to work with young people around relationships themes such as trust, boundaries, safety, self-esteem, independence, difficult feelings and communication.

Participants will also receive a unique resource pack with practical activities to use with young people in both group and one-to-one settings. This includes the relationships graph, which is a very popular and useful resource with young people.

This course is for anyone working with young people around relationships: youth workers, teachers, learning mentors, clinicians, health advisers, school nurses, Connexions workers, YOT staff etc.

This one day course costs £100 per person for a minimum of 5 people and a maximum of 16. Maximum cost of £1200 plus travel and accommodation.

If you wish to make a booking or have any questions about the content or fee please get in touch via the contact form.

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