Leaflets and Books

Bish has produced a number of resources for working with young people around sex and relationships. They are all aimed at young people who are thinking about becoming, or are already, sexually active: which is an age group that has not really been well served with leaflets before.

Like the Bish website for young people they are positive about sex, honest, visual and relevant.

If you need to pay via invoice please get in touch via the contact page with your invoice address, email address for the download link and purchase order number – if required.

The Bish Book

Practitioners can buy 50 for £200 inc p&p

Print Your Own Leaflets Download

Now it’s easier than ever to get high quality sex and relationships information in to the hands of people that need it. This simple print your own leaflet download allows you to print as many copies as you like.

How to be an Amazing Lover (Without Having Sex)

Promotes the benefits of non-penetrative sex in an engaging, positive and practical way. A5, double sided, £11.50 per 100 (including p&p)

How to Use Condoms

An easy to follow step by step guide. Now also includes information on condom types and practical tips for negotiating condom use. A5, double sided, £11.50 per 100 (including p&p)

As a thank you for visiting bishtraining.com click on the link below (opens as a pdf) for a free activity around safer sex and boundaries.

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