Sexualities Training Course

Sexuality is often assumed just to refer to people who are lesbian, gay or bisexual. Actually we all have some kind of sexuality, even if we don’t experience sexual attraction or want to have sex.

A training course that just focussed on the experiences of LGB folk would imply that there is a default sexuality and a non default sexuality. That there is a normal and an not normal. This then reinforces the idea that some sexualities are inherently problematic and others are not – which is not a truly inclusive model of sexuality.

So this course explores is about how we all can understand our often very complex ideas of sexuality. Specifically we will look at:

  • How our own sexualities are constructed: our identities, what we do and our desires
  • How and why some sexualities experience oppression and prejudice and others not
  • How SRE can (perhaps unwittingly) reinforce the idea that some sexualities are okay and some are not
  • Learn how we can deliver SRE that is truly inclusive of all sexualities (and avoid the ‘add-on’ lesson of LGBT)
  • Learn about some sexual identities, how these differ from genders and to explore the role of labels
  • Practice sex and relationships education activities that are inclusive of all genders and sexualities
  • Take away tools for teaching about sex, relationships, sexual and gender bullying, power and privilege

By doing this we can start to deliver interventions around sexuality that are truly meaningful and valuable for all people.

© Justin Hancock, 2023

Justin Hancock has been a trained sex and relationships educator since 1999. In that time he’s taught and given advice about sex and relationships with thousands of young people and adults in person and millions online at his website for young people BISH. He’s a member of the World Association for Sexual Health. Find out more about Justin here and stay up to day by signing up for the newsletter.