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A one day (or equivalent) course to help teachers to deliver great SRE using DO… 

Sex and relationships can feel like a very big topic to teach. It’s very personal: it’s about values, emotions, personal experience. Our own experience of sex and relationships education means some people can talk about sex frankly, whilst others might feel inhibited and a bit uncomfortable.

When we are teaching SRE, we are asking students to reflect on areas that we are also reflecting on for ourselves – we are always learning and exploring our ideas about our sense of self and what is expected of us when it comes to sex and relationships. Being mindful of this – yet also keeping a professional boundary when facilitating these topics – is difficult but crucial.

In the classroom you need to be able to call on your experience and teaching skills, but this can be difficult when teaching SRE if we haven’t had the chance to reflect on these topics for ourselves. So this course asks you to:

  • Think about your own sex education
  • To think about your own values and to listen to other people’s
  • To think critically about sex and relationships
  • To explore the links between how we feel about ourselves and how we do sex and/or relationships
  • Take part in activities where we explore how we communicate and how consent feels
  • Understand how to approach sex and sexual risks inclusively and effectively

There will also be time during the course to reflect on what works for you in teaching and how you can learn from each other.

There is a lot in this course – unlearning and relearning a lifetime of sex and relationship education is a big task. You might not immediately feel able to head straight into a classroom about what you have learnt today. However, once you’ve had time to digest it and to read through all of the resources that we’ve supplied we hope you will feel a lot more confident and inspired to deliver really great SRE.

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This one day course costs £1200 plus travel/accommodation costs. All my courses are for up to 16 participants.

If you wish to make a booking or have any questions about the content or fee please get in touch via the contact form.