Hello, I’m Justin Hancock and I am Bish Training. Welcome to my website for parents and practitioners. This is where you can buy my book, resources and time.

Bish – sex, relationships and you website

My comprehensive sex and relationships education site for young people is here. It’s one of the most respected sex education websites for young people out there.

Training Courses

“We’re only half way through the day and already I can tell you that you are streets ahead [of your competitor’s course]“

Bish Training courses are very well received courses which all adhere to the DoH Quality Standards (pdf) for Sexual Health Training: they are participatory, interactive and fun. They combine work on values and attitudes with practical strategies that can be taken away to use with the client group. I’ve been delivering these kinds of training courses for many years and since 2003 have been an accredited sexual health trainer from the Centre for HIV and Sexual Health. For more about bespoke and off the shelf courses visit the training page.


My leaflets are now available as a simple, affordable download (so that you can print your own). They cover a comprehensive holistic range of topics around gender, sexuality, sex and relationships. For more visit the leaflets page.

Teaching Resources and Book

My book is available right now as an instant download for free! If you like it you may also want to get a print copy for £6.50 or in bulk.

You can also purchase teaching resources for download: my most popular of these is ‘Planet Porn’.  which is a comprehensive resource pack making it easier to talk to teens about porn.

“the response from the group was overwhelmingly positive on engagement, involvement, discussion and learning, I wouldn’t hesitate to use again and definitely recommend to others.” Health Promotion Specialist.

Teaching and Project Work

Finally you can also purchase my time to do teaching work or project work. I teach SRE in schools to young people over 14, so if you want someone to come and chat about (for instance) porn, I’m your man (I also have associates that be brought in should you require more than one facilitator or a female).

I’ve delivered peer education projects, drop-ins and evaluations; at the moment I’m working with parents of kids with learning difficulties. My project work rate applies should you want to build your own website for young people, or if you would like your own bespoke resources. Perhaps you might be interested in a licence to use material from bishUK.com on your own website.

For all enquiries and orders please email via the contact page