Porn and Young People

Porn has never been more available than it is now. Young people can access porn on their phones, in magazines, on the internet and on the TV. Young people either watch porn willingly to explore and learn about sex and sexuality (rightly or wrongly), or are curious occasional consumers, or are exposed to it without[…]

Weird Science Q&A

On Sunday 11th December I’ll be taking part in an interview and Q&A after a screening of the film ‘Weird Science’ (showing at 2.30pm). It’s at the Clapham Picture House and it’s part of the CineSci series, you can read more about this here It’s a story about two adolescent young men who use their[…]

Working With Young Men in Sexual Health Services 3

Sometimes traditional methods of service provision can make working with young men more difficult. Registration, triage, the emphasis on diagnosis and treatment and one-to-one work can cause problems with groups of young men wanting a quick and easy access to condoms and check-ups. Here are some suggestions for practical strategies to overcome these challenges. One[…]