The ‘effect’ of toxic masculinity influencers

This article is in response to the questions I get about ‘what should we do about toxic masculinity influencers’. I complexify the idea of an individual having a singular ‘effect’. I argue that there are potential harms of uncritically accepting a common sense ‘cause and effect’ discourse of toxic masculinity. How paying attention to those[…]

it's simple relationships and sex are complex (as is RSE)

It’s Simple, Sex and Relationships are Complex

RSE should allow young people to explore the complexities of sex and relationships and not simply just tell them what to think. Sex, sexuality, relationships, consent, gender are all complex topics and we shouldn’t over simplify them. However, that doesn’t meant that delivering RSE is hard. Good quality RSE is about focusing on getting the[…]

DO... SRE for Schools Bish Training

DO… RSE for Schools

DO… RSE for Schools was a Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) resource which lived at the website from 2017 to 2021. It was sponsored by Durex and backed by a number of leading RSE organisations. At that time it was also accredited by the PSHE Association. The resource was written by me, Justin Hancock,[…]