Sex Ed Activity Book


The Sex Ed Activity Book is a zine for you to download and print out. With over 50 worksheets to help you to work out how you want to do sex, love, and you. Designed for 14s and up these worksheets are about how we feel about ourselves, relationships, consent, and sex. There are in-depth and thought provoking activities as well as silly activities like: join the dots, wordsearch, a really hard crossword, spot the difference, colouring-in, and a board game. This is a download and print your own resource.


Note: if you’re a practitioner and want to use this with lots of people you should buy the BISH Activity Book for Practitioners

The Sex Ed Activity Book is a resource for you to download and print out. If, like most people, your sex ed was pretty shit, then this will help you to work out how you feel about sex, love, and you.

This activity book isn’t about me giving you lots of information and advice – that’s what I provide at BISH, which is one of the leading relationships and sex advice websites online. This resource is to help you to explore these issues more for yourself.

What this Sex Ed Activity Book does

Good Sex Ed shouldn’t be some expert standing at the front of the class giving a lecture. Bad sex and relationships education is: you being lectured about the IUD or diaphragm, or being shown pictures of diseased genitals, or being made to watch that tea and consent video that one time.


Good is when someone asks you to think about and talk about really interesting and challenging topics. Like how we feel about ourselves, what is expected of us, relationships, consent, and sex.

So that’s why I created this activity book, so that it wasn’t just me filling your heads with information and advice. It’s about asking you some questions to help you work out how you feel about yourself, your relationships and sex.

As well as some really important worksheets for you to fill in there are also some really silly activities. There are all your favourites from activity books join the dots, wordsearch, a really hard crossword, spot the difference, colouring-in, and a board game.

There’s quite a lot here so don’t feel like you have to fill it all in in one go. You might want to do the more fun stuff first and then do the harder stuff another time. You might be more interested in some of this stuff if or when you get more interested in sex and relationships.

Buying the Sex Ed Activity Book for your kids?

If you’re a parent giving this to a young-un, remember that it’s for over 14s and maybe a little bit older (just like everything at Bish). You know your kids best though. There might be some sections that you want to give them and some you may want to leave out (which is why there are no page numbers).

Also if you’re a parent I’ve got some top tips about how to talk to your kids about sex and relationships at BISH (rule number one is to listen more than talk). I think it would be really great if you did some of these activities together and chatted about what you think. Some of them you really might not want to do together, but you could use the prompts to chat about them generally. Don’t think of yourself as some kind of expert at sex and relationships, remember what your sex and relationships education was like? So it’s better to just try to have good conversations about it.

Anyway, I hope you find this useful! Let me know if you have any really interesting thoughts after going through some of these activities. By purchasing this you will also be helping me to fund BISH.

Below are some sample pages.