SRE Coaching

I now offer one-to-one SRE coaching for practitioners. It’s a sad fact that in the last few years there are fewer and fewer people working in sex and relationships education and advice. Those that remain often have few colleagues and have a small training budget. They may also have managers that may be supportive but don’t have the specialist experience in this area. So I’ve started to offer a coaching service, which I hope will be a cost effective way for you to access support and advice.

It’s an opportunity for you to ask for my advice about particular barriers in your work and for us to look at practical strategies. It could be about exploring new ideas in sex and relationships education and how to make sure that SRE is inclusive and meeting the needs of young people. I also have several years experience of working with young people in clinical/advice settings so I can help you there.

We could focus on any aspect of any of my training courses and we could work through a few self-reflection activities. You could talk to me about your recent work and ask for my advice. I could also offer regular supervision, which is something I’ve had recent experience offering. I could even help you to deliver some training — for example the DO… training course — or delivering other workshops for adults.

My first client kindly provided this quote:

“As a county leader for RSE policy and curriculum development, I found the coaching session with Justin incredibly useful. It was an in depth, professional conversation where Justin listened to details about our current provision and offered challenge and support, drawing on his wide experience in the developing field of RSE. I came away with a range of further references to follow up and several ideas to develop for our schools. I would recommend a coaching session to anyone who has a clear goal for development in RSE.”

I hope a lot of people will value this service as it’s personal and tailored. Whilst training is still very useful (and very necessary for anyone working in SRE) SRE coaching can go beyond that, so that you leave feeling that your questions are answered and that you are being supported. This is all about providing support that is relevant and timely for you right now.

The cost is £75 per hour although this is negotiable if you are an independent consultant (like me) or are from a small organisation.

Meetings would be in central London or over the phone/Skype. To book your session, send me a message via the contact page.