Body Image Stickers

In a young person’s clinic I work at, we have lots of magazines in the waiting area for clients to read while they are waiting to see us. Young people like reading them but I always have concerns about the seemingly perfect images of people/models/actors etc that they contain. I think that we don’t give young people enough credit for being able to work this out for themselves but I thought of a nice way to remind people about the myth of the ‘perfect body’.

Try printing this page out onto a sheet of address labels (21 per sheet) and then sticking them on magazines (which you own!) that young people might be reading in your school, youth club, clinic or home. The QR codes you can see can be scanned with a smartphone and will open as a link to the posts I’ve written about body image at

If you like this idea generally you might be interested in my ‘Print Your Own Stickers and Posters’ which is available here


(click on the image to make it full size and save it to your hard drive then print)