Durex Catalyst Web Award – WINNER!!

Bish has won the Durex Catalyst Web Award for sexual health websites! WHOOP!

I started bishuk.com a couple of years ago, off my own bat, because I wanted to create a UK website that answered the questions that teenagers have been asking me for years. Since then it’s had nearly half a million views and, from what I can gather, they are mainly from young men. It’s been great knowing that it’s potentially informed, entertained or helped so many young people.

However it’s also great to get recognition (and some cash) which gives me a further incentive to keep it going and to keep adding new topic areas, new content and new ideas.

A few thank yous (apart from my nearest and dearest).

Thanks to my work colleagues on twitter! It’s an amazing community of people to bounce ideas off, to learn stuff from, to help plug my posts, to moan to, to review and help me check things or get things more right.

Thanks to Team Bish (the team of young people who are going to Make Bish Better). We’ve only just started but I’m really looking forward to developing more content with you guys (hopefully a ‘Zine for young people: any funders?).

Thanks to Durex and the judging panel.

And thanks to all the people I’ve worked with, who’ve inspired me, who’ve trained me, who’ve taught me stuff and who’ve bought me pints of ale when things are bleak.

Bish is always a work in progress but I hope that we can keep it going and make it bigger and better.


PS Here’s the first time I won a Durex prize which was 10 years ago. This is me and Sean being presented with our prizes for winning a National Condom Week competition. My hair is crazy in that picture.