New Product Valentines E-Card and Animation

Bish has teamed up with Hey Kiddo! to create these great Valentines E-Cards and Animation. They are a great, cost-effective, way of promoting your local sexual health websites and services in a positive way. Put them up on your local sites, your facebook, via twitter, BBM or email them. See the example below.

Your own bespoke version of the E-card and animation with your details costs just £130. You can also use them to print your own valentines cards to distribute to local schools and youth clubs as part of a local campaign.

We can also design and print bespoke cards with information about local services for you. They’d be great to give to clients coming to clinics (to boost word of mouth and repeat custom), or to hand out in youth clubs, colleges and schools to promote local services. To order, or request more information, just email Order now and we can deliver by the end of January.