Relationships Resources

For Valentine’s Day I thought I’d collect together some of the resources that are available to practitioners and young people around fancying, relationships and love from Bish.

Firstly I’ve added an “I fancy you” image to the Smartphone Download section here So they can text, email, facebook or bbm someone that they fancy them. Bish is not to be held responsible for rejections, slapped faces or bruised egos but would like to be invited to any weddings that happen as a result.

It’s not too late to get an animated gif or set of images to promote your local campaigns, for more see here We can even produce a bespoke poster for you to print out locally if you wish. Email me for details for costs.

Secondly for practitioners I’ve put together a free resource about ‘chat up lines and starting a relationship’ (you’re welcome)

Chat up lines and starting a relationship (pdf)

It will hopefully make a change to the ‘display board about STIs’ thing and is a timely and interesting way of doing relationships, gender and self-esteem work with young people. For some ideas about how to answer some of the Doctor Love questions then scroll through some of my responses to young people via Ask Bish or my made up responses at Dear Doctor Love

Stop press! (14/12/12) Here’s another resource called Would Like to Meet: it’s a resource about self esteem and exploring what we want in a partner…

Click to open

For more about relationships for young people there’s a whole section over at including the very popular relationships graph which you can download, print and photocopy for young people. It comes free with every order of  the Bish Relationships Leaflet simply email justin at quoting “GRAPH” in your order.

Lastly check out the new Bish Training course around young people and relationships This brand new, one day, training course from is a unique opportunity to learn about how to work with young people so that they can understand and have healthy, safe, respectful, trusting and loving relationships with each other. It is just £625 for up to 16 participants which is great value. Prices are going up as of 1st April so book now.