Subscription, Resources, What Do You Reckon?

Hey bishtraining fans

So as you know I have, which I hope (eventually) to be a really good website for young people to learn about everything to do with sex and relationships. That is free for young people to access and always will be. But I don’t earn any money from it 🙁

So I was thinking today about offering a subscription package at for sex educators/sexual health workers/youth workers/teachers. This would be on-going and something that I would add to each week and would include:

  • most of my blog posts from in A4 pdf downloadable and printable form.
  • all my leaflets in a downloadable and printable form
  • activity ideas and session plans to accompany which would mirror the content on Safer Sex, Bodies, Relationships, About You, Porn (yes porn), Doing It, Not Doing It and Doing Stuff, and Rights and Wrongs (to start with there would be at least 25 / 30 activities in total)
  • powerpoint slides with moveable images, so that a facilitator could move labels around (eg for anatomy lessons, contraception slides etc)
  • instructional videos that can be played to young people (downloadable) (currently I have 6 videos but plan to make one per month) as part of a lesson to introduce a topic
  • topical blog posts turned into pdfs with discussion ideas for use  (there would be an email alert service for this)
  • access to email support for lesson ideas etc

This would be a yearly subscription and I’m thinking of a price around £50. This would give the user a password to download and a licence to use the resources in their workplace.

So feedback would be welcome. Would you be interested in buying this? Do you think it would be popular? Would at least 500 people pay £50 per year for this?

Comments here or @bishtraining on twitter would be fantastic.

Many thanks