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Hey bishtraining fans

So as you know I have, which I hope (eventually) to be a really good website for young people to learn about everything to do with sex and relationships. That is free for young people to access and always will be. But I don’t earn any money from it 🙁

So I was thinking today about offering a subscription package at for sex educators/sexual health workers/youth workers/teachers. This would be on-going and something that I would add to each week and would include:

  • most of my blog posts from in A4 pdf downloadable and printable form.
  • all my leaflets in a downloadable and printable form
  • activity ideas and session plans to accompany which would mirror the content on Safer Sex, Bodies, Relationships, About You, Porn (yes porn), Doing It, Not Doing It and Doing Stuff, and Rights and Wrongs (to start with there would be at least 25 / 30 activities in total)
  • powerpoint slides with moveable images, so that a facilitator could move labels around (eg for anatomy lessons, contraception slides etc)
  • instructional videos that can be played to young people (downloadable) (currently I have 6 videos but plan to make one per month) as part of a lesson to introduce a topic
  • topical blog posts turned into pdfs with discussion ideas for use  (there would be an email alert service for this)
  • access to email support for lesson ideas etc

This would be a yearly subscription and I’m thinking of a price around £50. This would give the user a password to download and a licence to use the resources in their workplace.

So feedback would be welcome. Would you be interested in buying this? Do you think it would be popular? Would at least 500 people pay £50 per year for this?

Comments here or @bishtraining on twitter would be fantastic.

Many thanks


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  • Hi Justin, I have a subscription based site for video. It has been up and running for two and a half years. It is growing slow and steady. I have many subscribers from the UK. If you’re interested I can tell you more.


    • Hey Mark, Yes I’ve seen this before, it looks interesting though I’m not a subscriber yet. My resources would just be aimed at teenagers.

  • Have had some more thoughts for you.

    I think the resource sounds fab and I would definitely be interested in buying it for £50 which sounds reasonable- perhaps you could add in a networking option- eg. “Ask the sex ed expert” or a share ideas type thing so people feel they are buying into a supportive group too? As sex ed can be so isolating!

    500 people is alot if you think in terms of schools, there are approx 4000 schools across the UK and you would be aiming to capture a 1/6 of the market (because really each school would only need one subscription)? That seems no mean feat. Definitely doable but it would be about networking, advertising, word of mouth etc. so loads of hard work. A best bet would be persuading local authorities etc to buy the resource for every school in their remit. I know that’s how Sense got into every school in Wales as Welsh Assembly brought it in for every school and paid for it to be translated into Welsh (and now I know the welsh for anal sex- caused huge linguistic debate! ;). Same with Christopher Winter project being brought by government office for London and then providing most of resource for free (but you have to pay for parts of it.)

    Not saying its impossible but think you will need to focus on youth workers, sex educators, sexual health workers (as you plan to anyway) much more to help you get the 500.

    Also and its as you said in your previous blog post about there being no money in SexPositive sex ed. I think schools would be quite wary of a totally sexpositive resource but if you market it right (i loved your sexpositive activity you blogged and I use similar and it works brilliantly) then there will definitely be a market for it, its just we get very bogged down in safeguarding and schools are completely paranoid about being seen to condone underage sex. Oooh thats a point there would probably be a fab market in FE colleges for this resource as you could be as sex positive as you like with the over 16’s and everyone is always moaning there isn’t any sex ed resources for FE! I think your youth worker market/sexual health worker market won’t be constrained by the same issues within schools and any sex educator who buys the resource will presumably be skilled enough to adapt it to specific schools but I would worry about an inexperienced teacher who has been dumped with sex ed turning to a resource on pornography say and getting it horribly wrong and ending up getting fired! So you would probably need watertight advice and guidance!

    Also another thought about getting a “lesson idea a week” – would be brilliant if you were able to do sex ed thoughout the year but most schools are constrained to a couple of weeks per year so they may find it frustrating to be drip fed the resource in this way- maybe good to have the bulk of the resource upfront and the only emailable stuff be reactive lesson ideas to stuff in media (of which there is lots as we know!) such as the ten year old having a baby or whatever. That way the resource is constantly uptodate and changing/adapting?

    Oh and one last thing on schools- would you be linking all the lesson objectives to the new secondary curriculum for PSHE? Two reasons. One teachers love it to help justify stuff to ofsted, but the bad side of that is PSHE is in state of flux – I have it on good authority that the PSHE curriculum will be staying as it is for time being (am on PSHE association advisory council) but with new government they may suddenly throw baby out with bath water and all your hard work matching objectives to PSHE key concepts/ processes etc etc then becomes redundant.

    Cor thats a lot of thoughts and very sorry if they sound more negative than positive- I really think it sounds like a fab resource and can’t wait to buy one- but these were just my musings knowing what schools and teachers are like! Sigh!

    • Thanks for putting so much time and thought into giving me a reply. All very useful stuff indeed. I would have the core of my available resources and activities up before launching but would be something that I could add to over time, and perhaps do requests. I do see this being something which is used by specialist sex educators, though I wonder how many of those we are going to have after March 2011.

      Thanks again


  • Dear Justin,

    I have only just started to use twitter and have been following your tweets with growing interest. I think your website is fantastic.

    We use a subscription system for whole schools and areas at a time. The school pays an annual subscription and then has down loadable resources plus video clips to show how they are used.

    Only time will tell if we can survive the current crisis!

    I think it is a fair system, we are a very small charity and it pays for the investment in the development of resources and a small team of part-time staff.

    I would be happy to chat about it in more detail. Incidentally, I am astonished that you run your website for nothing. I am impressed and humbled.

    Please don’t hesitate to give me a call.
    Office: 01392 829450
    mobile: 07812561123

    Best wishes


    • Hi Dave

      Thanks for that. Sounds very interesting and I will give you a call.

      As for the website, well I started it because there is nothing else like it in the UK and it frustrated me, I doubt that I would have been able to do what I have if I’d have been paid directly to do it. I thought that the interest and goodwill it might generate might encourage sex educators/LAs/PCTs to buy my printed resources: pretty naive really in retrospect!


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