The Bulletin

The Bulletin is a free resource for you to use with with young people. It’s a newsletter from my website for young people BISH: ‘a guide to sex, love, and you for over 14s’. As you can see it’s a combination of articles, activities, images, and games. Just do a back to back print and fold it so it makes a small booklet. If people like this I might make a bigger one in the future.

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Preview of The Bulletin

I’m trying to do a number of things with this. First of all, it’s a free resource for you. I know that a lot of teachers, youth workers, and clinic staff really value free relationships and sex education (RSE) resources at the moment. I envisage that this might be a resource that you could use as a handout for delivering, or introducing, RSE in tutor time.

You could also use it in youth settings or just leave them on coffee tables. For young people’s clinics you could put them in leaflets racks or next to your stack of magazines for clients to read while they wait. 

Secondly I’m wanting to promote BISH to more young people in the UK. The website attracts thousands of visitors a week from the UK, which is great, but it would be great to be able to promote it directly. Hopefully you will see that it’s a great place to signpost young people over 14 to. I am also encouraging young people to get involved and send in their opinions about Love Island, and Sex Education (the TV show that I can’t bear to watch).


Also I hope that I will be able to gently remind you of some of the RSE resources that I offer here. In this edition of The Bulletin I have an activity from my BISH Activity Book, which features loads of RSE worksheets in one download. It’s available for an instant download. I also offer teaching time, consultancy, training courses, and one to one coaching. Please get in touch if you have any queries.

I guess this a bit of a new thing for me so I have no idea whether it’s going to be useful or not! So please be gentle and just let me know if you like it.

© Justin Hancock, 2020