How I Can Help With Your RSE

With the upcoming changes to RSE becoming a reality next year, a lot of schools will be looking to overhaul their curriculum, find some new resources, and support their staff.


This is something that we offer with DO… RSE for Schools. DO… is a collaboration of some of the leading organisations in RSE and schools such as: Brook, FPA, National Aids Trust, The Mix, RSE Hub, NAHT, and myself and other leading experts, all brought together by Durex.

DO… features a wealth of resources to help you get underway with revamping your RSE offering to students. For heads and senior management we have lots of resources to help you to optimise your RSE: such as, building an evidence based curriculum; understanding the OFSTED requirements; updating your policies; how to support your staff; and how to make sure that the whole school reflects the consensual and inclusive ethos that makes for great quality RSE.

We also have ‘best in class’ resources for those delivering RSE in the classroom: including self-reflection activities to prepare teachers for delivering RSE, best practice guidance on how to deliver lessons, and a series of lesson plans that are packed with activities with a range of engaging learning methods. These lessons focus on consent, diversity, relationships (including our relationship with ourselves), safer sex, and navigating gender and sexual identity.

These resources were written by myself and Alice Hoyle, we are both widely regarded as two of the leading experts in the field — as is Dr Meg-John Barker, who oversaw these resources for us. They have been widely praised in the academic community and also accredited by the PSHE Association.

So DO… is a great place to start, but as someone who has been an RSE specialist for nearly 20 years I can also offer further support for schools through training, coaching, and teaching.


I offer a DO… training course which I developed for teachers who are new to RSE. Sex and relationships can feel like a very big topic to teach. It’s very personal: it’s about values, emotions, personal experience. Our own experience of sex and relationships education means some people can talk about sex frankly, whilst others might feel inhibited and a bit uncomfortable.

In the classroom you need to be able to call on your experience and teaching skills, but this can be difficult when teaching SRE if we haven’t had the chance to reflect on these topics for ourselves.

This is the equivalent of a one day course which could be delivered over 2 half days or 3 or 4 twilight sessions (location dependent). For more details head here


I can offer one-to-one coaching via video link for individuals who wish to get some more tailored advice for their practice. Whilst it’s not really possible to offer training outside of a group setting, practitioners tell me that they really value a two hour conversation. They leave with ideas, resources, and links to key research and best practice guides.


I’m a specialist relationships and sex educator with young people over 14 and have been since 1999. I have worked with thousands of young people over this time and they rate my lessons highly. They tell me that my sessions are fun, informative and thought provoking. They like my matter of fact manner when talking about sex but they most value that I use interactive activities that promote discussion.

I can offer specialist teaching sessions on any RSE topic. I can also run Q&A sessions about and I can also offer one-to-one drop ins. You can see my approach to answering young people’s questions at which is one of the leading sex and relationships advice websites for young people.


In addition to the above I also have a range of specialist RSE resources covering porn, safer sex, relationships, consent, bodies, alcohol. There’s also the brand new Bish Activity Book which has over 50 pages of fun and thought provoking worksheets for students. These resources are all available for immediate download and are available in a bundle pack called ‘Big Bish Download’ which offers even better value for money.

I also have a blog for practitioners where I promote best practice and evidence based approaches to RSE. Here you can also find out more about the RSE for Schools Facebook group which is run my Alice and me. To find out more about any of this please contact me via the website.

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